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ultimatum n : a final peremptory demand [also: ultimata (pl)]

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From lang=la ultimus


  • (US): /ˌʌltɪˈmeɪtəm/


  1. a final statement of terms or conditions made by one party to another, especially one that expresses a threat of reprisal or war

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a final statement of terms or conditions made by one party to another

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An ultimatum (lang-la the last one) is a demand whose fulfillment is requested in a specified period of time and which is backed up by a threat to be followed through in case of noncompliance. An ultimatum is generally the final demand in a series of requests. As such, the time allotted is usually short, and the request is understood not to be open to further negotiation.
The threat which backs up the ultimatum can vary depending on the demand in question and on the other circumstances. The following are commonly encountered:
In everyday life, ultimatums are also sometimes made in various contexts, such as in:
Such ultimatums may or may not be legal and/or socially acceptable. Ultimatums are also a regular part of the crime of extortion.
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admonishment, admonition, alarm, blackmail, boundary condition, call, call for, catch, caution, caveat, claim, clause, condition, conditions, contribution, demand, demand for, demands, deterrent example, donnee, draft, drain, duty, escalator clause, escape clause, escape hatch, exaction, example, extortion, extortionate demand, final notice, final offer, final warning, fine print, firm price, given, grounds, heavy demand, hint, imposition, impost, indent, insistent demand, joker, kicker, last word, lesson, levy, limiting condition, monition, moral, nonnegotiable demand, notice, notification, object lesson, obligation, order, parameter, prerequisite, provision, provisions, proviso, requirement, requisite, requisition, rush, rush order, saving clause, sine qua non, small print, specification, stipulation, stipulations, string, tax, taxing, terms, threat, tip-off, tribute, verbum sapienti, warning, warning piece, whereas
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